Super SCENTER League

We are not just any ordinary canine detection sport organization; we are passionate scent enthusiasts devoted to celebrating the incredible olfactory talents of our canine companions. Whether you’re a seasoned handler or a newcomer, our events offer a friendly, low-pressure environment for you and your dog to test your training, build stronger bonds, and most importantly—have fun! Here, every wagging tail is a victory, and every alert is a moment of joy. Join us as we navigate this olfactory adventure, elevating the sport one sniff at a time while celebrating the remarkable talents of our four-legged friends.

Read our Rulebook!

Ready to unleash your dog’s super-scenting powers but not sure where to start? Click here to dig into our rulebook! It’s the ultimate guide to sniffing success, filled with all the dos, don’ts, and doggy details you need to know. Consider it your treasure map to a tail-wagging good time!